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Song Lyrics - Sunday Service

Sing along during services.

Happy Day

Verse 1 

The greatest day in history 

Death is beaten You have rescued me 

Sing it out Jesus is alive 

The empty cross the empty grave 

Life eternal You have won the day 

Shout it out Jesus is alive 

He's alive 


Chorus 1 

And oh happy day happy day 

You've washed my sin away 

Oh happy day happy day 

I'll never be the same 

Forever I am changed 

(What a glorious glorious day) 

(I'll never be the same) 


Verse 2 

When I stand in that place 

Free at last meeting face to face 

I am Yours Jesus You are mine 

Endless joy perfect peace 

Earthly pain finally will cease 

Celebrate Jesus is alive 

He's alive 



Oh what a glorious day 

What a glorious way 

That You have saved me 

And oh what a glorious day 

What a glorious name 




What a glorious glorious day 

I'll never be the same 

Arrangement by Ben Cantelon and Tim Hughes

CCLI Song # 4847027

God Is For Us

Verse 1 

We won't fear the battle 

We won't fear the night 

We will walk the Valley with You by our side 

You will go before us 

You will lead the way 

We have found a refuge only You can save 



Sing with joy now our God is for us 

The Father's love is a strong and mighty fortress 

Raise your voice now no love is greater 

Who can stand against us if our God is for us 


Verse 2 

Even when I stumble 

Even when I fall 

Even when I turn back still Your love is sure 

You will not abandon 

You will not forsake 

You will cheer me onward with never ending grace 



Neither height nor depth can separate us 

Hell and death will not defeat us 

He who gave His Son to free us 

Holds me in His love 



By James Ferguson, James Tealy, Jesse Reeves, Jonny Robinson, Michael Farren, Rich Thompson, Tiarne Tranter 

CCLI Song # 7121853 

Psalm 34 (Taste and See)

Verse 1   

I sought the Lord 

And He answered me 

And delivered me 

From every fear 

Those who look on Him are radiant 

They'll never be ashamed 

They'll never be ashamed 


Verse 2  

This poor man cried  

And the Lord heard me 

And saved me from  

My enemies 

The Son of God surrounds His saints 

He will deliver them 

He will deliver them 



Magnify the Lord with me 

Come exalt His name together 

Glorify the Lord with me 

Come exalt His name forever 


Verse 3 

O taste and see 

That the Lord is good 

O blessed is he 

Who hides in Him 

O fear the Lord O all you saints 

He'll give you everything 

He'll give you everything 



Let us bless the Lord 

Every day and night 

Never ending praise 

May our incense rise  




Arrangement by Joe Rigney, Shane Barnard 

CCLI Song # 7054932 

Christ Our Hope In Life And Death

Verse 1 

What is our hope 

In life and death 

Christ alone 

Christ alone 

What is our 

Only confidence 

That our souls 

To Him belong 

Who holds our days 

Within His hand 

What comes apart 

From His command 

And what will keep us 

To the end 

The love of Christ 

In which we stand 



O sing hallelujah 

Our hope springs eternal 

O sing hallelujah 

Now and ever we confess 

Christ our hope in life and death 


Verse 2 

What truth can calm 

the troubled soul 

God is good 

God is good 

Where is His grace 

And goodness known 

In our great 

Redeemer's blood 

Who holds our faith 

When fears arise 

Who stands above 

The stormy trial 

Who sends the waves 

That bring us nigh 

Unto the shore 

The rock of Christ 


Verse 3 

Unto the grave 

What will we sing 

Christ He lives 

Christ He lives 

And what reward 

Will heaven bring 


Life with Him 

There we will rise 

To meet the Lord 

Then sin and death 

Will be destroyed 

And we will feast 

In endless joy 

When Christ is ours Forevermore 



Now and ever we confess 

Christ our hope in life and death 



By Jordan Kauflin, Keith Getty, Matt Boswell, Matt Papa, Matthew Merker 

CCLI Song # 7147502