Riverstone Church exists to advance the gospel by making disciples who make disciples. A disciple is a forgiven follower of Jesus who is growing to become like him. This process of growing to become more like Jesus is what we call "discipleship." 

We grow as disciples as God's Word is applied to our lives by God's Spirit through God's people. This means that we need to consistently be interacting both with God's Word and with God's people, as they are the tools that God's Spirit uses help us grow to become like Jesus.

Because of this, we seek to provide opportunities where the people of our congregation can interact with one another around the truth of God's Word so that they can pursue spiritual growth in Christ together.


Groups are the backbone of our discipleship ministry. These smaller gatherings commit to get together regularly to speak truth, show love, and grow together in Christ. We have groups that meet as both long-term groups and short-term studies. Visit our Groups Page for more information. 

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Fall 2019: Colossians

Bible studies that combine large group teaching and small group discussion components. Six to twelve week studies offered twice a year on Tuesday nights for men, women, and mixed discussion groups, and Wednesday mornings for women. 


Men's discipleship at Riverstone includes Men's groups, as well as our annual Men's Retreat and other connection and growth opportunities. Visit our Men's Discipleship page for more information.

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Women's discipleship at Riverstone includes Women's studies, prayer groups, and support groups, as well as retreats, mentoring, and other opportunities. Visit our Women's Discipleship page for more information.

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Riverstone Preschool Moms (RPM)

Riverstone Preschool Moms is dedicated to nurturing mothers while they are in the early years of raising their children. RPM meets every other week during the school year.

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The EFCA GATEWAY Theological Institute is a year long study of basic Christian doctrine intended to help leaders becomes more theologically proficient. GATEWAY meets once a month for 10 months and includes required reading and homework.

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