We are glad to recommend the following books to guide you in building your personal library. We have organized the selections categorically to help you establish depth in your resources. There are always more good books out there than we can recommend, but we think this will help you get started. 

Study Bibles
ESV Study Bible
Zondervan NIV Study Bible

Evangelical Convictions, EFCA
Know the Truth
, Milne
Bible Doctrine, Grudem
Christian Theology, Erickson
Knowing God, Packer
The Christian Life, Ferguson

Gospel & Assurance 
Basic Christianity, Stott
What is the Gospel?
, Gilbert
Gospel, Greear
The Explicit Gospel, Chandler
Stop Asking Jesus Into Your Heart, Greear
The Story of Reality, Koukl

Evangelism & Apologetics
The Reason for God, Keller
Honest Evangelism, Tice
Evangelism and the Sovereignty of God, Packer
Tactics, Koukl

Spiritual Growth & Discipleship
Discipling, Dever
You Can Change, Chester
You Can Pray, Chester
Habits of Grace, Mathis
Christ Formed in You, Hedges
Just Do Something, DeYoung
Inductive Bible Study, Fuhr & Köstenberger

A Gospel Primer for Christians, Vincent
Explore: Time with God, Thornborough
New Morning Mercies, Tripp

Marriage, Parenting & Family
Marriage Matters, Smith
The Meaning of Marriage, Keller
When Sinners Say "I Do", Harvey
Parenting, Tripp
Age of Opportunity, Tripp
The Sticky Faith Guide for Your Family, Powell
The Space Between, Muller
Faith that Lasts, Nielson
Show Them Jesus, Klumpenhower

Books for Kids
The Jesus Storybook Bible, Lloyd-Jones & Jago
Thoughts to Make Your Heart Sing, Lloyd-Jones & Jago
The Big Picture Story Bible, Helm & Schoonmaker
The Ology, Marty Machowski
The Biggest Story, DeYoung
The Radical Book for Kids, Thornton
Everything a Child Should Know About God, Taylor

Family Worship/Devotional
Big Beliefs!, Helm
Wise Up, Machowski
Old Story New, Machowski
Long Story Short, Machowski
Big Truths for Young Hearts, Ware
Exploring Grace Together, Thompson 

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