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Missionary Care

Providing care and advocacy for supported missionaries

Missionaries who are sent and supported by Riverstone Church will receive ongoing care and advocacy while on the field. Global missions work can be very challenging and exhausting physically, emotionally and spiritually. We want to provide the comprehensive, ongoing care that is needed to maintain the health and well-being of our supported workers. For every missionary or family that is sent by our church, we will assist them in forming an Advocate Team (A-Team) to provide ongoing care and communication from the church. We are looking for members who are passionate about prayer and caring for our sent ones.


Fruitful work flows from a fruitful heart. Our A-Teams are vital in maintaining the health and encouragement of our workers, the very heart of their ministry efforts. If you are interested in joining an existing A-team or assisting in the launch of a new one, please contact Pastor Austin Delgado.