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Calling for Peace in the Storm

Responding to a Nation in Turmoil

A message from Austin Delgado, Pastor of Outreach

The people of our nation cry out for justice, reach for the hope of renewal, and yearn for societal transformation on many levels. “Where are we to turn?! Where is our hope to be found?!” lie at the root of many of these cries that we hear throughout our country. Christians know that the hope for true justice, peace, renewal and transformation is found in the person and work of Jesus Christ. Therefore, we have a responsibility as disciples of Christ and agents of reconciliation to proclaim the hope of the gospel and affirm our message by demonstrating the love of Christ to people in despair (2 Cor 5:16-21). Christians have the voice and vision for reconciliation and the hope of renewal in Jesus. Please check out these resources to reflect further on biblical and practical insights as we seek to show and share the peace of Christ to a nation in turmoil. Let’s stand together in listening to the Word of God and the cries of a suffering world, lamenting the brokenness of humanity, longing for renewal, and living as faithful witnesses to the power of the gospel!

  1. The Christian's Call to Lament  Article by Greg Strand • May 29, 2020 • EFCA
  2. The Unmuted Gospel: A Minority Pastor's Message to the Majority Church Article by Cedrick Brown June 5, 2020 EFCA
  3. George Floyd and Me Article by Shai Linne June 8, 2020 The Gospel Coalition
  4. Shai Linne on Christians Labeling and Categorizing Each Other During This Cultural Moment Article by Shai Linne • June 15, 2020 • The Gospel Coalition
  5. Responding to a Traumatic Week Article by Andrew Wilson • June 1, 2020 • Think Theology
  6. The Gospel and the Pursuit of Justice in Your City Article by Jamaal Williams, Timothy Paul Jones, Jarvis J. Williams • May 30, 2020 • The Gospel Coalition
  7. Racial Reconciliation, the Gospel, and the Church. Article by Jarvis J. Williams September 25, 2015 9Marks
  8. A Call to Justice, Restoration, and Renewal. Statement June 3, 2020 • Acts29
  9. How Should Christian Respond to Racism? Article by Adriel Sanchez June 4, 2020 Core Christianity
  10. A Prayer for Racial Reconciliation Article by Mark Vroegop • June 5, 2020 • Crossway
  11. Dark Clouds, Deep Mercy: Discovering the Grace of Lament Book by Mark Vroegop