In addition to our ongoing groups and studies, twice a year we offer a mid-week Bible Study that combines large-group teaching and small group discussion components.

During the first part of the study there is a large group teaching time that works through the passage of Scripture being studied, helping us to understand what is written. During the second part of the study, the large group breaks up into smaller groups, to discuss the passage and how what it teaches intersects with our lives and calls us to respond to God. The groups are facilitated by trained leaders and remain together through the duration of the study.

We offer this study in the Spring and Fall on Tuesday evenings (with men's, women's, and mixed discussion groups) and on Wednesday mornings (for women).

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Colossians (Fall 2019)

Download the Colossians Study Schedule

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Tuesdays • 7:00–9:00 PM • 9/24-12/3  

Wednesdays • 9:30–11:30 AM  • 9/25-12/4


 Study Guide with Introduction, Schedule, and Recommended Resources

Lesson 1 (Col 1:1-8)   Slides   Questions   Audio   Video   

- Paraphrase Handout

Lesson 2 (Col 1:9-13)   Slides   Questions   Audio   Video

Lesson 3 (Col 1:14-23)   Slides   Questions   Audio   Video   

- Comparing Scripture with Scripture Handout

- Word Study Lesson from "Mining God's Word"

Lesson 4 (Col 1:24-2:5)   Slides   Questions   Audio   Video

Lesson 5 (Col 2:6-15)   Slides   Questions   Audio   Video

Lesson 6 (Col 2:16-23)   Slides   Questions   Audio   Video

Lesson 7 (Col 3:1-11)   Slides   Questions   Audio   Video

Lesson 8 (Col 3:12-4:1)   Slides   Questions   Audio   Video

Lesson 9 (Col 4:2-18)   Slides   Questions   Audio   Video


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