What kind of church are we? Sometimes you can search long and hard for a basic explanation of what a church is about and still come up empty. We, however, want to be very clear up front on what kind of church we strive to be. 

Our core commitments are a short-hand way to communicate what is most important to us as a church. These are the basic building blocks of our ministries and they give you a snapshot of the kind of church we desire to be. (For a very similar set of "foundation stones" held by our denomination, click here). 



The most important piece of our identity as a church is the conviction that the Bible is God’s Word. This means that we weekly read and preach directly from the Bible and that we seek to follow it in our beliefs, lives, and ministry.



We center everything we believe and do on the Bible’s core message: the life, death and resurrection of Jesus and how he can bring us into a right relationship with God as a free gift. This means we talk about Jesus and his grace—a lot.



Followers of Jesus are called to be devoted to one another in love. In order to cultivate this, we encourage everyone at our church to be a part of a regular smaller gathering of Christians to love, serve, encourage and teach one another.



We believe that every follower of Jesus is called by God to be a part of the Church’s mission. This means that our ministries are aimed at equipping everyone to be engaged in advancing the gospel in our community, in our region, and around the world. 


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