Riverstone Church provides partial monthly support to missionaries in countries worldwide. Some of these missionaries are serving in "closed" or "secure" countries where the Gospel cannot be freely shared. Please join us in prayer as we support these individuals and families who have dedicated their lives to full-time Christian service.

Profile image of Alan and Malinda Brown

Alan and Malinda Brown

CRU (formerly Campus Crusade for Christ), serving in Virgiinia


Profile image of Joe and Laurie Darrow

Joe and Laurie Darrow

American Missionary Fellowship, serving in Philadelphia, PA


Profile image of Paul and Sarah Hadfield

Paul and Sarah Hadfield

Arctic Barnabas Ministries, serving in Kanai, Alaska


Profile image of David and Karen Hard

David and Karen Hard

SALT Leadership, Inc., serving in Bensalem, PA


Profile image of Peter and Margre Hays

Peter and Margre Hays

Greater Europe Mission, serving in The Netherlands


Profile image of David and Sandel Livingstone

David and Sandel Livingstone

The Jesus Film Project - a ministry of CRU, serving in Langhorne, PA


Profile image of Katie McIntyre

Katie McIntyre

Child Evangelism Fellowship, serving in Telford, PA


Profile image of Rich and Carol Mears (Grace, Joy and Ricky)

Rich and Carol Mears (Grace, Joy and Ricky)

Serving in leadership with Ambassadors Football of Twinsburg, Ohio

Website: www.ambassadorsfootball.org

Profile image of Yana Osipenko

Yana Osipenko

Exploring ministry opportunities in Eastern Europe.


Profile image of Craig and Sue Querfeld

Craig and Sue Querfeld

TEAM, serving in Peru


Profile image of Chuck and Mary Sutton

Chuck and Mary Sutton

World Team, serving in Warrington, PA


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