Groups make disciples by gathering regularly to share truth, show love, and grow together in Christ.

The Bible never commands churches to have a small groups ministry. What it does command, however, is for Christians to love, care for, pray for, support, encourage, exhort, teach, and admonish one another. In a smaller church, being able to follow these commands can happen a bit more organically. But in a larger church, we need to be more intentional about cultivating environments where we can carry out these commands.

Small groups are a vehicle for us to be able to do what the New Testament says the church should be doing. Groups commit to gather regularly to share truth, show love, and grow in Christ together. They offer an environment for the type of intentional relationships we need to minister the Word of God to one another. We value groups because we believe community is the context for discipleship.

Find a Group 

What type of groups are available?

We have several different types of groups that meet as a part of our church. Growth Groups are mixed groups, often (but not always) made up of couples and families, meeting 2-4 times a month. Men's Groups and Women's Studies are similar to Growth Groups, but are limited to either men or women. Sometimes these groups take on a more intensive accountability, or study focus than our Growth Groups do. We also offer specific Support Groups to help care for those dealing with particular areas of suffering in their lives, such as divorce, grief, and chronic pain. 

Why should I be in a Group?

We encourage everyone who is a part of Riverstone Church to get connected to a small group. We recognize, however, that not everyone is able to do this. Our primary concern is not to push you into a group, but to ensure that you are able to regularly participate in some form of gospel-centered community. While you can find these relationships outside of the formal ministry of the church, many people find participation in a small group is a natural and intentional way to develop the type of relationships we all need in order to grow.

To get involved in a small group, you can talk to one of the members of our Connecting Team on a Sunday morning at the information desk or you can check the list of available groups on our website and contact group leaders directly. If you have any questions, please contact .


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