We believe that the privilege and responsibility of gospel ministry belongs to all the people of God, not just a select few. Our goal is to unleash the entire church for the work of gospel ministry. In order to better equip you for this calling, we offer the following equipping opportunities and resources.

How people change


What is “How People Change”?

How People Change is a 12-week training course in gospel-centered discipleship. Based on the book of the same name, the study helps participants understand the underlying motivations for their actions and give them specific, practical help in changing long-standing patterns of behavior, so they grow in love for God and others. 

What are the benefits of taking How People Change?

There are several reasons we are encouraging you to participate in these studies. First, you will be exposed to a thoroughly biblical pattern for personal growth in Christlikeness that is centered on the grace of the gospel, not simply trying harder.  Second, you’ll be personally challenged to embrace the benefits and implications of the gospel in new ways in your life. And lastly, you’ll be better equipped to help other people pursue true life change through the gospel. 

Ultimately, this study is a course in growing to become more like Jesus and helping others to do the same. It’s all about being disciples who make disciples!

What will the study be like?

Each of the twelve lessons includes homework discussion, a teaching session by either Paul Tripp or Tim Lane, interaction around the text of Scripture, relational application, group discussion, and “Make It Real” life applications. You can expect to have some time of large group discussion, small group discussion, and personal reflection. 

When are the studies offered?

We are offering How People Change in four different blocks. Sunday evenings and Tuesday evenings will be combined studies of men and women. Tuesday mornings and Wednesday mornings we will offer studies just for women. 

Required Material:

How People Change Study Guide

New Growth Press,
ISBN: 978-1935273844

Available at a discount from the Riverstone Church Book Booth or at www.newgrowthpress.com (use coupon code HPCSG30 for 30% discount).


Sunday Evenings
(combined men & women)
Sept. 17, 2017 – Jan. 21, 2018 7 pm
Room 242
Tuesday Evenings
(combined men & women)
Sept. 19 – Jan. 9, 2018 7 pm
Woodside Room
Wednesday Mornings
(women only)
Sept. 13 – Jan. 17, 2018 9:30 am 
Woodside Room
Thursday Mornings
(women only)
Sept. 14 – Jan. 18, 2018 9:30 am 
Woodside Room


Located in the upstairs lobby, the Book Booth provides books and booklets recommended by our pastors. Some are available for free, and the rest are available at cost. To view of list of titles available for purchase, please click here. The Book Booth is open every Sunday before and after both services. 


Group Leader Orientation is for all of our current group leaders (including Growth Groups, Men's Groups, and Women's Studies), and anyone who is interested in pursuing group leadership in the future. 

We discuss the vision and purpose of group ministry at Riverstone Church, the role of the group leader, and talk through some things that we are going to be introducing that will help to equip current and prospective group leaders to more effectively lead and shepherd their groups. 

Those who attend receive a binder of resources as well as a Group Leader Application, which can also be downloaded here. Check back here to see when our next Group Leader Orientation will be held.


More information forthcoming...



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